Pluto Wall Build by wyuen1

Pluto Wall Build

by · 4 days ago

Finished Product First

Finished Product First

Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed the album.

Pluto Sunset

Pluto Sunset

This is what started it all. We used this image as a background bitmap to generate variation across the wall.

Using a program called Grasshopper, a plug-in for Rhino, we created an algorithm to generate the cut files for the wall assembly. We can tinker around with the parameters until we generate something that we are happy with. Here’s the walk through in the next few images.

Generate a series of points within a box the same dimension as the 4’ x 8’ image.

Cull the points based on the location and brightness of the point. The brighter the spot on the image, the greater the more points will be retained.

Connect the points using a Delaunay triangulation algorithm. Basically, it minimizes the total angles between points to form triangular connections.

Scaling and filleting down the triangles to creates frames.

Tada! A conception of the final product. Time for some testing.

You may notice the triangles are a bit smaller in this one. We tried to see if scaling down the triangles based on the bitmap would work better, so we decided to test this out on a small scale


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