Essays and Lecture by Frieder Nake

Essays by Frieder Nake

Paragraphs on Computer Art, Past & Present   |   Remix Aesthetics and Semiotic Animals

Frieder Nake

Frieder Nake studied mathematics at the University of Stuttgart. He began working in computer graphics and art in 1963, and is recognized as a pioneer in computer art. His first artistic experiments were with the “Graphomat Z64,” the legendary drawing machine of Konrad Zuse, at the Technical University of Stuttgart.

Currently, Professor of Interactive Computer Graphics at the University of Bremen he has had a long involvement with digital art. He and fellow pioneers A. Michael Noll and Georg Nees all had their first exhibitions in 1965 in Stuttgart. He contributed to a large number of art exhibitions during the years 1966 through 1972. Among these were Cybernetic Serendipity, London 1968, Proposal for an Experimental Exhibition at Venice Biannual 1970, and Tendencies, Zagreb 1969-72. In November, 2004, his work was celebrated in a comprehensive retrospective exhibition of early graphic works and new interactive installations at both the Kunsthalle Bremen and ZKM Karlruhe.

Since the 1970s, Nake’s work has also included political, economic and theoretical criticism of computer science. His collaborations with American artist Mark Amerika began in the late Nineties and the two have been remixing their theories on art, algorithm, semiotics, and aesthetic mediums ever since. Nake figures prominently in “Artist, Medium, Instrument,” the third chapter of remixthebook.


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